Monday, June 13, 2016

Build Your Business Credit
                      in Weeks not Years

Welcome to Southern World your key to building your business credit in a matter of weeks as we have a 92% approval rating.  We specialize in securing businesses credit from major well known regional and national banks of which credit cards will be issued in the name of Your Business.  In most cases these credit cards will come with 0% interest for purchases within the first 6 months to a year along with cash advance promotions.   After we assist to establish the credit card for your business it is up to you and your usage and payment history to continue to build your credit with each lending institution over time.  You will achieve this by paying bills on time for a period of six months then requesting a higher credit limit. 

Southern World has partnered with a nationally recognized financial services firm to process multiple credit lines simultaneously with those financial institutions with the highest probability for your approval.
We work diligently to qualify you before applications are made to ensure your success in 
achieving the highest amount of credit available to your business.  
 We do not charge a fee in advance - our fee is earned only after loans are secured and credit is established – so there is no out of pocket cost to the You or your business to build Your Business Credit and Score. The one-time fee is based on the total amount of credit secured for Your Business.  As you build your credit into the future there are no other fees imposed.

The financial services firm's underwriting guidelines are straight forward for securing business credit.  They require a guarantor with good to excellent credit – usually 700 FICO and above.  A legal business entity such as an LLC, C or S corp., etc. must also be active.  Newly formed entities are allowed, don't be shy; a new business opened just for this purpose is satisfactory (limit 3 businesses per applicant).  Co-Signors possessing good to excellent credit are allowed; they will be required to execute a Personal Guarantee Letter which will be provided.
Sorry Bankruptcy in the past 7 years for Signor and Co-Signor are not allowed.  In order to avoid upfront fees we ask that all parties signing pull their own credit report, preferably from Check Total a division of Experian (sign up using this online form), don't forget to cancel membership.

·       Fast Decisions, two weeks not years.
·       Simple Pre-Qual and Application Process, online form
·       No Restrictions on Use of Capital, Your credit card do as you wish
·       92% Approval Rate, We strive for your success
·       Separate Personal Debt from Business Debt
·       Pay Our Fee from the Credit Lines Secured
·       Business Credit Expands Access to Capital
·       Continue to Build Additional Credit with Each Financial Institution

Please Contact me, MarZia RiVera to begin the application process, 239-540-4884. I am available to answer your question and provide additional information Monday through Friday 9am to 3pm, and in the evenings by appointment or anytime by email or text.  You could also jump in and begin filling out the online form then schedule a call with me. Get PRE-qualified to avoid any delays.  When completing the application process, be sure to follow the instructions carefully providing all requested information to avoid delays.  For immediate processing send your completed package to BusinessCredit@SouthernWorld.Info 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or for further information.  We understand decisions involving working capital is of the utmost concern to any business in today’s challenging borrowing environment.

Thank you, I look forward to assisting You in building credit for Your Business as I have done so building $24K in just 2 weeks time period.

MarZia RiVera

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